I love sexy paper

found this in the bathroom at the Lisbon airport:

Then I saw the alps on the plane!

Then I saw Berlin:


When the plane from Portugal landed in Germany, and everyone saw the weather, there was actually a round of laughter through the airplane.

Fortunately for the city, it’s terrible weather is canceled out by all the merry things going on in its swirling, crowded, loud, karneval-like streets filled with smiling pink-cheeked people:

Scherzo, scherzo.  I really enjoyed my time in Berlin, and had I not had a brief stint at Romanticizing bleak weather, I wouldn’t be as happy with Rome as I am now.  Guess what?  The Grimm brothers are buried here somewhere…

While in Berlin, I got to see two of my all-time favorite singers: Philippe Jaroussky and Jonas Kaufmann.

I died.


Just… LISTEN to this:


I saw Jaroussky first, and was blown away by his take on a program of French “melodie“‘s greatest hits.  Even with a stodgy Berliner crowd, he got a standing ovation, and performed FOUR encores.  It was unbelievable!

Just two days later, I got to see Jonas Kaufmann perform a fabulous recital in the Philharmonik hall.  Here are a few clips of the recital on his website:


And just for kicks, if you liked the stuff above, listen to this (which was also on the program):


And let’s not discount the appeal of watching an entire evening of this:


The man was applauded for FORTY MINUTES, and performed so many encores, he eventually had to sweetly tell the audience that he was awed by our reaction and truly had nothing more he could sing.  After thanking us for loving him so much, he said there was one more piece he could sing over the shoulder of the pianist, so he did, and we all clapped and clapped and finally went home.


And by went home, I mean went out to one of Berlin’s most hoppin’ clubs and listened to some effing incredible DJ’s (Lindstrøm, DJ Sneak, Jesse Rose, Oliver $, and Axel Boman) into the wee hours of the night.

So that’s that.  Here’s a fun picture that was in the Schönefeld airport:

No matter where I go… the Vatican is always there when I’m least looking for it.